Bill 8 – Mass Virtual Privatization of BC’s forests

March 11, 2013

UPDATE: WE WON! See statement here. To all who helped spread the word, congratulations. The offending Section 24 was removed from Bill 8 before it went forward in the Legislature. More to come in later post. Thanks again! You all did a great job.

This week in the BC Legislature, the government is tabling Bill 8. The bill’s Section 24 would hand over our remaining public forests (Timber Supply Areas) to private forestry corporations in perpetuity. Once handed over (converted into Tree Farm Licenses), tenure over this land is considered an asset of these corporations. They can then sue British Columbia for compensation if anything threatens their profits. This privatization, being planned without consultation or fanfare, is a radical move and one that threatens the opportunity of the province to responsibly manage our forest lands. Furthermore, we have no control over who owns these corporations. For more info, click here. See also valuable work by Independent MLA Bob Simpson on his site here.

Many biologists and foresters do not feel this is a wise move. it compromises our ability to make science-based decisions about BC forests.

If you are concerned, please make your feelings known IMMEDIATELY by emailing and if possible tweeting:

PETITION: Sign the Avaaz campaign letter.

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I value BC’s public forests and I demand that you remove Section 24 of Bill 8.

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Optional CC: Bill 8’s sole critic, Independent MLA Bob Simpson

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